Privacy Statements

  • lightvan Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we") explains to users of "Official Stores" (hereinafter referred to as "this website") about the following "Official Store Privacy Statements" (hereinafter referred to as "privacy statements"), to protect the user's personal information.
  • This website is certified with VeriSign Secure Site ID and will not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the user.
1)Collection of personal information
"Personal information" in the privacy statement of this website includes the customer's name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, or other information that may be used for personal identification.
This website is for online commerce. Upon purchasing an item, personal information such as the customer's registered information, address of delivery, and method of payment specified will be collected. Additionally, we will collect personal information upon being contacted.
Upon purchasing an item, on the "Customer Information" page, we will collect information such as customer's name, address, email address, and phone number. Additionally, on the "Customer Information" page, if the customer asks for the item to be delivered to an address different from the customer's home address, we will ask for the delivery address to be registered. The delivery address registered on this page will be used only for the item delivery and nothing else.
We will collect information on the method of payment.
When contacting us, we will collect information such as email address, name, and the issue we were contacted about.
Personal information collected at this website will be used in accordance with the privacy statement.
2)How we use personal information
Your personal information collected when purchasing an item or when contacting us will be used for the purposes listed below.
Should we wish to use your information in a way not listed in the purposes below, we will contact you by email or other means. If your consent for the use is not given, we will stop using your personal information. Additionally, personal information collected at this website will not be supplemented and collaborated with information gathered from a third party or other offline sources.
  • Personal information collected at the "Customer Information" page will be used for the delivery, inquiry, and other processing of the purchased item.
  • We have outsourced to delivery companies for delivery of our items. We have had our subcontracting company sign a nondisclosure agreement and will only provide the information necessary to carry out the services.
  • Personal information gathered for the payment of an item will be used for concluding payment. We have had our subcontracting company sign a nondisclosure agreement and will only provide the information necessary to carry out the services.
  • We will use your personal information to send email or direct mail, or use other means to inform you of announcements and the latest news from our company.
  • Personal information collected when contacting us will be used to answer questions put to us, to send announcements from our company, and for other purposes.
  • We will compile personal information into statistical information from which individual data cannot be identified (such as male/female ratio of this website's users, age distribution, etc.), and will present this data to partners and advertisers of this website.
The personal information of customers will not be used for purposes other than the transaction of items on this website. In the case that the personal information provided by the customer will be used for purposes other than explicitly defined when the personal information was provided by the customer, we will contact the customer before its use. If consent for the new purpose could not be given, the customer can deny usage.
When using services on this website, we will send a "cookie" to the user's computer. This is a text file which is used to identify individual users who have visited and used our website once or more. At our website, we will utilize this cookie to improve the user's convenience through such use as checking the user's log-in, maintaining the user's shopping cart, and offering a customized website.
Additionally, we will use these "cookies" to collect information on how visitors use our website, and to offer services better matching their needs. Information contained in a cookie will only be handled between our server which hosts this website and the user”Ēs web browser, and will not cause any damage to the user's computer. Our server will collect information such as a log of the user's usage, but this information will not contain anything that could be used to specify the user, such as name and address, and no third party will use a cookie to specify a user.
By changing their computer preferences, a user's computer can refuse the cookie sent from our website. However, note in advance that this may disable some features on our website.
To obtain information on the functions of cookies, please consult the help menu of your web browser.
4)Access log file
This website records the information of those who access it as an access log file. This recorded information contains the IP address of those who access this website, the type of web browser used, the URL address which the person had previously accessed, and other information, but it will not contain information that can identify an individual. The access log file will be used to analyze usage of this website, and for maintenance.
5)Sharing personal information
Personal information collected at this website will not be shared with a third party without consent from the person in question. In order to achieve the service targets stated on this website, after a fair selection process for subcontracting, we may outsource our services to an outside company. To the subcontracting company, we will provide only necessary information for necessary purposes, prohibit personal information from being used for non-necessary purposes, and perform necessary overseeing.
6)Disclaimer on disclosure of personal information
At this site, we will not disclose any personal information without the user's consent to a third party, except in the following cases.
  • Under the customer's consent.
  • Merger, corporate division, transfer of business, and other cases where operations are transferred.
7)Contacting about and correcting personal information
[Contacting about personal information]
In the case of a customer seeking to check his or her personal information owned by this site, to prevent any leak of personal information to a third party, we will provide the customer's personal information after confirming their personal identity.
[Altering, stopping use, and deleting personal information]
In the case of a customer seeking to correct, by their own demand, a mistake in his or her personal information or the use of personal information, to delete personal information, or to make other changes, to prevent the leak of personal information to a third party, we will alter, stop use, and delete the customer's personal information after confirming their personal identity.
8)Methods for keeping personal information secure
Personal information collected at this website will be under strict control with appropriate protection methods. Additionally, we have taken maximum precautions to prevent unauthorized access, loss of data, tampering of data, leak of data, and other troubles. If any incident occurs, we will immediately take necessary measures.
We will also implement in-company training on keeping personal information secure, and increase the recognition of work force as well as strengthening security measures.
9)Links to other websites
This website provides links to other websites; however, we do not share personal information with those sites. We do not assume any responsibility for personal information collecting practices at those websites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any linked websites.
10)Changes in handling of personal information
This website will comply with relevant Japanese laws and standards for the handling of personal information provided by our customers. This website may revise the privacy statement to better protect personal information or to comply with changes in laws. When this privacy statement is revised, this website will post a notice and information regarding the revision. Please periodically visit this website and check the privacy statement.
11)Contacting us
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