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Shopping Information

[Placing an Order]
When placing an order, thoroughly read, understand, and confirm the instructions and cautions on the page before typing in the necessary information for placing the order. Once the information is sent, the order will be concluded and processed as a valid order regardless of the reason.
We will not be responsible for any order not accepted due to problems with the internet, or other problems for which we cannot take responsibility.
[Additional Shipping and Handling Costs]
In the case of an additional order being received after the completion of one order, this will be counted as a second order. Please note that the deliveries will be separate, and each order will require a delivery and packing fee as well as a handling fee.
[Changes to Your Order]
When the receiving and processing of an order are completed by us, the purchasing contract for the item will be concluded. Please note that after this, cancellation of the order at the customer's convenience will not be accepted.
Processing after an order has been placed will be based on the information sent through the online order placement. In the case that the content of an order contains a mistake, except in cases where we must assume responsibility, we will not accept requests for any change to the order.
[Viewing Web Pages]
We recommend the use of Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later.
At this website, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), http-Cookies (Cookies), JavaScript, and style sheets. Please use this website with these functions enabled. When these functions are disabled in the browser settings, some services of this website may not be available.
[Placing an Order (and Confirming an Order)]
*Purchasing method
1. From the item list or item detail page, select the item to order, enter the quantity of item to buy, and click on "Add to cart".
2. The current cart contents page will be shown. The selected items will be shown. If there's no problem with the content, click on "Proceed to purchase steps".
3. The customer information entry page will be shown. Type in your name, the address of delivery for the item, and any other necessary information, then click on "Next".
4. Select the method of payment and click on "Next".
5. The order confirmation page will be shown. If there's no problem with the order, click on "To order completion page".
6. On the "Inter-value card payment service" webpage, select "Choose currency" and click on the credit card to use.
7. Type in the card number, expiration date, cardholder's name, and any other necessary information, then click on "MAKE PAYMENT".
8. The completion screen will be shown. This concludes the order.
If there is any problem with the purchasing process, please contact our customer support center by email.
Please place the order from the shopping cart. We do not accept orders by email, telephone, or other means.
Please note that the actual item”Ēs color tone may differ slightly from that shown on screen.
[Payment method]
We only accept credit card and Alipay payments.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express as credit cards.

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Shipping & Delivery

[Shipping and Handling Charges]
The ordered item will be delivered by EMS.
[Delivery Information]
The item will be delivered to the following countries.
India, Bangladesh, Philippine, South Korea, Cambodia, Brunei, Guam, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
*North and Central America*
United States of America, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, Panama, Barbados, Honduras, Mexico
Iceland, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherland, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Czech, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Russia
*South America*
Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru
For the date of delivery, please check the detailed information of each item.
In case multiple items are ordered, the shipping will be after all items are ready. (We will not make partial shipments.)
For one shipment, a flat packing and shipping fee of 2,200 yen for Asia countries, 3,200 yen for Oceania, North America, Central America and Europe countries, 4,200 yen for South America countries, will be charged.
Due to various circumstances, the item's delivery date may be changed from the previously notified date, or it may be delayed because of depletion of stock, or the order may not be accepted. Please note in advance that in such cases, we will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the change from the previously notified delivery date.
[Customs, Duties, and Taxes]
Upon delivery of the item, import duties and other taxes may be charged.
The customer will be required to pay any fees resulting from the import custom clearance process.
We will not be consulted nor make an estimate on those fees.
The import custom clearance process varies between countries. Please consult with the customs office of your resident country.
[Order Confirmation]
Upon completion of an order, we will send an order confirmation email. Please store it safely.
[Changing Shipping Information After You Place an Order]
In case of an address change after placing an order, please contact our support by email. However, if contact is made after the item has already been shipped, we cannot change the address of delivery.

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Return & Exchange Information

[On Return & Exchange of Item]
We will not accept the return or exchange of a non-defective item.
We only accept returns and exchanges of defective items. However, contact us within eight days of the shipment arrival. We will not accept returns or exchanges without prior contact by email.
For a refund, please consult us for details.
Synaptix will pay the shipment fee of a defective item. However, any customs fee will need to be paid by the customer.
Please note that we will not accept returns or exchanges, nor will we give refunds after the item has been used.
We will not accept returns, exchanges, nor refunds at the customer's convenience.

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Services & Policies

We will protect the customer's privacy in accordance with the following statement.
Privacy Statement
For the protection of personal information, we use SSL as the encryption technology to ensure safety. However, this security is not guaranteed by us and if a data leak or other accident occurs without fault or negligence on our part, neither we nor the credit card company will be held liable.
[System Troubles and Other Matters]
In case of server trouble, maintenance, or other circumstances involving the operation and management of this server, we may temporarily stop use of the system without prior notice to customers.
In case of failure or trouble with machines that provide this service, or trouble with the communication line causing a customer's data to be lost, we retain the right to unconditionally terminate or cancel the purchasing contract without prior notification.
Please note that it is possible for the customer's order to not arrive or to be delayed due to system problems or other troubles. The any customer's damage due to the non-arrival or delay of the order information, or related troubles, will be the customer's liability.
The contents of this Help Desk may be changed without prior notice to customers. Please check the contents when announcements of change are posted.

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