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  • About Rainych

    Originally from Indonesia
    Rainych currently resides in Riau Province in the central eastern coast of Sumatra Island.

    Charmed by the beauty of "the sound" of the Japanese language,
    she started uploading covers of Japanese songs, mainly J-Pop, despite the fact that she doesn't actually speak the language.
    She started uploading cover songs on YouTube in 2016 and has currently gained 2,030,000 subscribers on the platform (as of February 2022).
    Rainych is well known for her broad range of song selections, spanning from 80's City Pop to Anisong (Anime Song).
    Her cute appearance in hijab and her catchy, sweet voice have gradually stolen public's attention.
    In April 2020, her cover of Doja Cat's "Say So" in Japanese was highly praised by Doja Cat herself and it successfully became a sensation.

    In August of the same year, her video for a Japanese cover of The Weeknd's hit song "Blinding Lights" was highly praised by The Weeknd himself, and in October, her cover of "Midnight Door / STAY WITH ME" brought a worldwide revival for the original city pop hit. Rainych's influence in the music industry is surely unending.

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